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PCAP (pronounced “pee-cap”) is an acronym for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants. PCAP was founded in 1977 by the seer-philosopher, Shrii.P.R.Sarkar. In 1982, Sarkar’s book on Neohumanism laid the philosophical and inspirational basis for the implementation of the objectives of PCAP.

PCAP is a non-profit, non-sectarian global movement dedicated to preserving our planet and all of its inhabitants.

The purpose for preserving these creatures is not merely to protect ourselves (humans) but stems from an inner feeling of compassion and love for all creatures as experienced by a practitioner of a neohumanistic lifestyle.

Our Vision :

To create a world where all creatures live in prosperity and harmony free from all forms of exploitation and cruelty, where their existential right to exist is enshrined in the constitution of all nations and in the hearts of all people.

Our Msision :

To work for the all-round emancipation of all beings under the guiding principles of Neohumanism. To ceaselessly endeavor to show human beings the path to higher consciousness that will lead them out of their present ills of narrowness.

Aims and Objectives :

To prevent cruelty to animals and birds.
To protect rare and dying species of animals and birds from extinction.
To prevent cruelty to plants and trees and to protect rare and dying species of plants and trees from extinction.