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About Us

PCAP (pronounced “pee-cap”) is an acronym for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants. PCAP was founded in 1977 by the seer-philosopher, Shrii.P.R.Sarkar. In 1982, Sarkar’s book on Neohumanism laid the philosophical and inspirational basis for the implementation of the objectives of PCAP.

Since its inception PCAP has grown to become a global movement. It is committed to preserving the well-being and safety of animals and plants. The purpose for preserving these creatures is not merely to protect ourselves (humans) but stems from an inner feeling of compassion and love for all creatures as experienced by a practitioner of a neohumanistic lifestyle.

PCAP is a non-profit, non-sectarian global movement dedicated to preserving our planet and all of its inhabitants.

The objectives of PCAP cover a large spectrum of ecology issues such as: afforestation, environmental education, vegetarianism, eco-tourism, biodiversity protection, organic gardens, rural eco-communities and protection of indigenous forest dwellers.